Intake Details

Intake of students:-------------------- 50 [Deputed-03, Freshers-47 (B.U.-38, O.U.- 09)].
Deputed:------------------------------- 03 [UR-02, SC-01].
Freshers:------------------------------- 47 [BU-38, OU-09]:

Burdwan Universities -38

Other Universities-09

As per Govt. order no. 508 -Edn (CS)/10M-20/2015 dated 30.06.2022, ratio for home University students and other University students shall be 80:20.

As per Govt. order no. 508 -Edn (CS)/10M-20/2015 dated 30.06.2022, 5% seats are to be reserved for untrained deputed school teachers.

Untrained in-service candidates, teaching class V-XII in Government and Govt. aided schools only, shall be treated as deputed. If the seats, reserved for deputed teachers, remain vacant, those seats will be de-reserved and offered to the fresh candidates.