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About the Library: Katwa College Library (B.Ed.Dept.)is presently situated at the 2nd floor of the b.ed.building equipped with text books, reference books, journals,magazines etc. propely arranged and decorated.Open access systems  have been maintained in the library.

Salient features of the library includes:
a.Total numbers of books: 5027(as on 30/06/2019)
b.Open access system-students are allowed to choose their books from the shelves.
c.Reading room facility for journals,magazines,reference books.
d.College library is a member of UGC N-list consortium.

Library hours: (a) Monday to Friday: 8 A.M. to 2 P.M.
Borrowing hours: Issue of books will ordinarily commence half an hour after the scheduled  time of opening and will be stopped one hour before the scheduled time of closing the library.

Library membership registration: Membership of the College library(B.Ed. Dept.)for the purpose of enjoying facilities of reading and borrowing are open to -
A. Faculty member of the college:
i. Permanent: The permanent full time teachers will be allowed to borrow not more than      
     20(twenty)books at a time for a period of 90(ninety)days.

ii. Full time contractual: The person who will be appointed by the college on full time
      contractual  faculty member in various departments will be allowed to borrow not more
      than 10(ten) books at a time for a period of 60(sixty)days.
iii. Part time /Honourary /Guest: The  person who will be appointed by the college on part
      time/   honourary /guest faculty member in various departments will be allowed to borrow                                                                                 
       not more than 2(two) books at a time for a period of 30(thirty) days.                                       

iv. Non teaching staff members of the college: The office,administrative staff, library, laboratory assistants of the categories permanent and contractual full time (with more than one year of service) will be allowed to borrow not more than 1(one) book at a time for a period of 30(thirty) days.


v.  Regular students: Will be allowed to borrow 2(two) books from the library at a time for a
      period of 10(ten) days.

vi. Others who may be allowed by the college authorities: The college principal may allow at
     his / her own discretion the library reading facilities to outside scholars /students for a
     period of 1(one) month at a time.

B. General rules:
i. Library cards will have to be shown at the time of entering the library.
ii. Unauthorised persons /non members of the library shall have no access to the library.
Iii. Conversation,sleeping,smoking,tiffin taking are not allowed within the library premises.
Iv. At the time of entering the library all personal belongings shall be deposited at the   
     prescribed   counter. The library will not be liable for any loss /damage caused to the  
     unclaimed deposits.   
v. At the time of issuing a book every user is expected to examine it carefully.
v. The reference books,periodicals, journals and some special collections are not to be issued
    outside of the library.
vi. The library cards are not transferable.
Vii. Loss of library card:In case of loss /damage of library card for the first time,a duplicate
       one will  be issued o be issued on payment of Rs.20/ per lending card.
Viii. Renewal of library book: Any student can issue or renew his/her home issued library
        book for maximum three times withn one month duration.        
ix. Loss of library book: Person held responsible for loss /damage of library book shall be
       liable to  compensate the library by replacing with a new copy.    
x. Library clearance: It is mandatory for every library member to collect his /her library
     clearance  from the library.


List of journals:
1. Bhartiya Adhunik Shiksha (quarterly)
2. Indian Educational Review (half-yearly)
3. Journal Of Indian Education(quarterly)
4.  Prathmik Shikshak(quarterly)
5. School Science (quarterly)
6. Primary Teacher (quarterly)
7.“Resonance”Journal Of Science Education(monthly)
8. University News (weekly)

9. Procedings(Mathematical Sciences)

10.Pranama(Journal of Physics)